Green Shirt Warriors

Green Shirt Warriors

In the past few days, before the complicated development of the COVID-19 Pandemic, there are countless frontline doctors and nurses who have devoted all their health and wisdom, putting aside all their personal things to fight for the common good. - save the lives of covid-19 patients. From people in community health groups, rapid response teams... to medics in makeshift hospitals or those fighting for the lives of patients in intensive care centers or centers Covid-19 treatment center, they all poured a lot of sweat and tears to support and save the lives of covid-19 patients. And the photo below is also one of the beautiful moments during this epidemic season. The image of doctors and nurses with full blue protective suits, sitting in long lines to take COVID test samples for each resident. On their faces, it is impossible to miss the marks of masks because they have to work and wear them for too long in a day, but they still do not show fatigue, still trying to work, giving their best. Besides, the man wearing a red shirt and wearing a mask shows that the people's sense of compliance has been better in the fight against the epidemic like fighting the enemy. And the long line of people behind them are also trying to focus on doing the best they can. It was a small moment but left a good impression on both the doctors and the people. Although there are a lot of nostalgia and hardships, at this time, what doctors prioritize above all is not themselves but the patient's health and psychology. But the current epidemic situation is still very stressful and complicated, new cases are constantly increasing, the medical team is still struggling to fight for each patient's life. Thousands of doctors and nurses across the country were present at the hospital every hour and every day to treat patients. More than ever, the doctors rushed to the front line, it had been many months since they had tried their best, were tired but because of the task they did not back down. Once again, we would all like to say gratitude to the doctors - white shirted soldiers who defied danger to bring health to the community and society.

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