The Secret of Cats

The Secret of Cats - Harry

 When it comes to cats, many people will probably picture a cute, lovely and slightly naughty image in their heads. But the cat in the image below gives us a new look through that usual cute appearance. A good photo is sure to stand out and attract, and this cat's eyes are the highlight. The cats that we often see, often cuddled, have round, glittering eyes, but with this cat, we find it different. At a glance, we would simply think it was glaring at something. But looking deeply into it, we can feel that, behind those eyes, there is a suffering, extreme hatred or maybe a feeling of being abandoned by its owner. A pair of sharp eyes makes the viewer a little wonder, wondering if the cat has had a problem that makes it so. And here, where the cat was standing was perhaps a strange place for him, a strange place that had caused him pain that made him hate. Along with that, the striped coat proves to some extent that. The leaves in the image and also the back of the cat are blurred out to bring out the face that creates a central point of view for the image. In addition, combined with the minimalist color image effect, to increase the value of the cat in the picture. In general, to say something or something, we also have to look deeply into the problem to understand the story, this cat image is the same, don't rush to look at it with an unpleasant or annoying gaze. hate but must understand what the problem it is facing.

Photo taken by : IPhone 13 Promax

Photographer : Harry

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