Another Perspective About The Tiger


Another Perspective About The Tiger - Harry

As we all know, Tiger is the lord of the deep forest, the breed that reigns over all species in the endless forest, the king of ferocity that makes mankind shudder. Whenever it comes to the image of a tiger, somewhere in our human mind is a strong animal, associated with a fierce and violent image. But in that image, we see a difference from what we imagined. This is not a picture of a ferocious tiger, nor a tiger with a murderous face like in our heads, but a pitiful, pitiful tiger. Its eyes were deeply sad as if it was homesick, surrounded by dry leaves falling from a few days ago, behind a large sturdy rock with moss patches that have existed for a long time. Conspicuously, the tiger seems to be lost in a cave but cannot get out so that it can return home, where it can struggle throughout a forest, majestic, majestic with all kinds of animals other. That look, that face, exudes a longing nostalgia, it lies on its side, looking at the dead end without knowing when it will be able to get out of here, if it comes to the worst case, it will died emaciated, withered, withered in this very cold place. We are not seeing an image of a lord of the jungle, nor a roaring tiger singing in the forest, chasing prey anymore, but a tiger stuck in homesickness that doesn't know how to get rid of it. that narrow place. Through this, we can also imagine that each animal and creature has its many facets and aspects. We've only seen it somewhere on the screen, at the zoo, etc., but haven't seen its other angle yet, so we won't be able to fully appreciate it. Just like in that picture, a pitiful, sad tiger lies in a place because it is helpless to know how to free it. How pitiful.

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