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Sweet potato is a folk dish of Vietnamese people from ancient times to present. It is a dish that helps Vietnamese people overcome the 45 years of famine. But not every rustic dish that eats a lot loses its value, sweet potatoes especially impress people with their distinctive color and indescribable taste. Looking at the picture, we can see that when boiled potatoes have an eye-catching purple-brown skin, along with the golden intestine inside, creating a strange attraction. Anyone who has eaten it must not forget the fleshy taste, dissolved in the mouth. In addition, it is placed on a mat- typical of Vietnamese people, adding to the irresistible charm.

Sweet potato is not only a tuber that has the main effect of serving the needs of people's eating and drinking life, but it also helps us have an additional source of income. Growing sweet potatoes is also considered an agricultural occupation of rural people. But to export to other regions or even abroad is not easy. Potatoes must be planted and fertilized in a technical way to have a quality supply. Looking at the picture, we can also see the hard work of the farmers. The tubers are long, big and very beautiful, free from pests and diseases. And when it is boiled, the potato is friable and golden. It's worth the hard work.

The sweet potatoes that are exported to the market are those that have been carefully selected so that when consumers spend their money to buy them, they must feel worthy. The potato in the picture is an example of that. With a purple skin, the bright yellow flesh gives the potato a beautiful look. When freshly boiled, potatoes are still hot, eating at this time is the most delicious, feeling its taste the most. Of course, potatoes still have a certain sweetness, which makes people prefer sweet potatoes. Sweet potato is a tuber that is very good for health, especially for intestinal diseases, with high nutritional content, so eating it regularly does not cause side effects.
In short, sweet potato is a rustic dish, suitable for the price of Vietnamese people, but also has many good effects for health, so sweet potatoes are valuable in both economic and culinary terms.

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