Excellent house, great welfare - Host: Harry


Subdivision of Military Medical Department - very good security area - airy alley - nice house with good security.

- The location of the house is 30m from the street, a few steps to the West Lake, next to the house there is also a play area for children, a cultural house a few steps away, not to mention the house has many open alleys, convenient to enter the house.

- The house has a yard, the front is also spacious. The car is parked a few steps away.

- The house is located in the subdivision of the Military Medical Department with very good and safe security.

- Beautifully designed 4-storey house with sparkling and spacious rooftop with garden area to relax.

- Fully furnished, just move in. Too delicious in the regional segment.

- See in to make sure you will immediately like the actual image.

The red book is tight and ready to trade.

Homeowner: Harry

Contact e-mail: johnadonisr@gmail.com

Sold in: Vietnam

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