Vu Lan season of filial piety

 July - Vu Lan season returns to pay filial piety. This is an opportunity for us to return to our roots, remember, and inscribe the righteousness of our parents' birth with the values ​​of Truthfulness-Compassion-America and return to the religion of the son. And the flower lights are lit again with the children who are remembering their birth. Looking at the picture, we can also see that the son from afar is sitting on a boat, surrounded by a beautiful, shimmering, fanciful scene under the water. Along with that are twinkling lights, illuminating creating beautiful illusions. But, the subject of this painting in the eyes of the viewer is brighter than everything there. It is an indispensable symbol on this great holiday. The flower lamp is meticulously made by the artist with flowers, ... adorning the lamp. And what makes it glow is the candle inside. The light from the candle is considered to be the light of honesty, remembrance of the deceased and gratitude to the parents who are still around. Each flower lamp that is lit is a prayer, a good thought, a peaceful mind for you, your family and everyone. Therefore, Vu Lan holiday becomes meaningful and important in everyone's eyes. It not only reminds us of the morality of children but also teaches us how to be human.

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